SOIL SCIENCE PRODUCTS INTRODUCES NEW HOLISTIC PLANT FOODS FEATURING HUMIC ACIDS Humic acids are becoming a significant bio-stimulant to mainstream agricultural practices because of the many benefits that it contributes to the soil. Currently a crop is removed from the field and no plant material is returned to the soil. The humification process is hindered if no material is added and as a result the soil has reduced levels of organic compounds that will transition into humic acid. This process creates soils low in organic matter that may lack sufficient levels of humic acids to maintain proper fertilizer retention. Adding humic acid to a plant feeding program may aid in plant micronutrient uptake. With Your Soil In Mind Most inorganic, as well as organic garden products on the market today produce immediate, but temporary, results that serve merely as band-aids, covering up real soil problems until it is too late. Essential microorganisms normally found in normally active soil are hampered by the continued use of traditional high salt fertilizers, pesticides, and other products made to meet the demand for premium-quality gardens. Unlike traditional fertilizers and some traditional organic products, Soil Science Products holistic plant foods are formulated to provide plant nutrients to promote and enhance plant growth. SOIL FOOD The soil ecosystem plays a major role in a plants life. Soil Science Products plant foods include humic shale ore deposits formed by the physical breakdown of ancient plant life. The deposits are rich in humic acid, which may aid in the uptake in micronutrients. Feeding your microbial population is important; as these microbes are responsible for building soil structure, better water and oxygen holding capabilities, fend off soil diseases while cycling and retaining nutrients in a plant available form to give you dynamic plants, trees and turf and nutrient enriched fruits, herbs and vegetables. PLANT FOOD On the plant fertility side of Soil Science Products, we believe that "good in" gives us "good out". Soil Science Products plant foods do not contain animal wastes or sewage sludge products, giving vegans and concerned citizens a clean choice. So, for our nutrients, we use soybean meal or the synthetics ammonium sulfate and urea for our nitrogen (N) sources; our soft rock phosphate (P2O5) carries a good source of calcium (Ca) - helping to build good inner shell wall structures in plants, then in us, through our consumption of these plants. Our potassium (K2O) source is a naturally occurring potassium sulfate. Potassium (K2O) is the nutrient taken up by plants in larger amounts than any other nutrient except nitrogen (N). The most important function of potassium (K2O) is the activation of more than 80 plant enzymes. It is also integral to a number of plant processes including water relations, maintenance of plant turgor, translocation of carbohydrates and protein synthesis. Potassium (K2O) deficiencies cause numerous problems, including decreasing rates of photosynthesis. Potassium (K2O) stress can also increase the incidence of crop damage due to bacterial and fungal diseases, and insect infestations. Why use products that only lead to more treatments, more chemicals, more salts, and more damage? Soil Science Products holistic plant foods reverse this costly cycle, saving time and money. Soil Science Products premium granular plant food blends will not only treat your soil; they will transform your turf and ornamentals.






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